7 ways Earn From Bitcoin….

Here are 3 ways to earn from bit coins Share Tweet 0Share You may have already heard that bitcoins can be earned.  Bit coins are the most popular name in the world of cryptocurrency.  Bit coins launched by Satoshi Nakamoto 4 years ago from today are catching the attention of people very quickly. At the moment, when I am writing this article, the Bangladeshi value of one bit coins is Tk 1 lakh 8,220.  And this rate is increasing constantly.  On January 27, the price of 5 bit coins was Tk 1.22 lakh.  Think back to what would have been your situation today if you had bought those 4 bit coins! You must be thinking that 4 bit coins is a lot of money.  So it is not possible for me to buy bit coins!  In fact, there is no reason to be afraid, because the smallest part of our money is just a small part of bitcoin, like Satoshi (1 thousand Satoshi = 1 bit coin).  There are so many wonderful facts about bit coins that will surprise you. If you have little interest in reading this role, or if you have little interest in earning from bit coins from your knowledge of previous bit coins, I would say that you read the entire article carefully.  This article will discuss various strategies for Bitcoin earnings.  Although there has already been a writing publication on Bit Coin Mining, you can read it. Proceeds from bit coins 2 Bit coins should be made before income To gain knowledge about the method of earning bit coins. Pre-planning on the potential risks and benefits of the Bit Coin Earnings method. If you do not have the capital to get the idea about bit coins by doing small jobs like micro job or PTC. To take ideas from those who have worked or are dealing with bit coins in the past.  This can be monitored in various bit coin based forum sites. ১.  Bitcoin Trading Bitcoin trading has the potential to earn big bucks.  Trading bitcoins means that you buy bitcoins at low prices and keep them deposited with you and then sell them at higher prices when prices rise.  This requires a good idea about the bit coin market.  Since the cryptocurrency market is relatively difficult, for those who are experienced about bit coins, it is one of the biggest ways to make money.  This method is very risky for the new and inexperienced.  So it is safe for newcomers to skip this procedure. Some popular Bitcoin trading websites are: coinbase bittrex kraken luno bitstamp 2.  Bit Coin Affiliate Affiliate marketing is essentially a commission earned through the sale of a company’s products.  That is, if you buy a company’s product or service through you, you will receive a fixed commission on the profit of that product or service.  Bit Coin also has such an affiliate method.  Various websites provide this kind of work. This type of work is usually done in 5 ways: First open an account on a trusted bit coins affiliate site. After opening the account you will be given a link from the website.  Your job is to promote this link on various social media sites, forums and blogs.  Sharing a link so that people are interested in clicking on the link. Then by entering this link, if someone opens an account and makes Bit Coin transactions or Bit coins through it, you will get a certain amount of commission. Some popular websites to affiliate bit coins: coinbase paxful coinmama trezor ৩.  Pay-to-Click (PTC) Website Basically the main function of these sites is to click on various ads and after clicking on a certain amount of bit coins will be credited to your account.  Although the amount of bit coins is very small.  However, the interesting thing is that you do not have to invest any money here, only if you work hard.  This kind of work is basically good for beginners, for the veterans they are nothing but a waste of time. Some popular PTC websites: btc4ads coinadder ৪.  Micro job There are some online websites that will give you bit coins by doing some little work.  A little work is also known as micro work.  Notable among such activities is watching videos or surveying YouTube.  However, the income from such site is relatively higher than the PTC site. A popular micro work website is: Bitcoinget ৫.  Author of Beat Coin Since bit coins have not been in the market for a long time, many of the knowledge about bit coins are at zero level.  And so many websites hire writers to write about bit coins on their blogs.  There are some blogs that only publish writing about bit coins.  So if you have a good knowledge of bit coins, you can earn a lot of money from this sector. Some of the most popular Bitcoin writing websites are: Bitcoin Cryptosource Cryptocoinsnews Deepdotweb Blockchainaliens Buxlister The last word Here are five ways to earn from bit coins today.  Many articles are made exaggerated in the online writing about earning from bit coins.  The reality is actually very difficult, you have to work hard to earn and gain knowledge about it.  Each of the above mentioned methods is effective so you can choose one of the above methods to earn from bit coins first.  In addition to these methods, there are many other methods that you will know how to work.