Cancer kills silently, be careful when you see these symptoms!

Cancer can occur in all organs of the body. But there are different types of cancer symptoms. Experts say some of the dangers of cancer, which should be especially careful when exposed to the body. Being diagnosed with these symptoms or in the initial stages of treatment is often healthy, even free from the disease such as cancer.

Abnormal bleeding

Be careful if abnormal bleeding occurs with any space in the body. Maybe it was just bleeding through the nose and it lasted for two weeks. Many times the blood also goes with cough. Although it is a symptom of tuberculosis, it is associated with lung cancer. Anal cancer is suspected of bleeding on the stools. A lot of the time is also due to piles. Likewise, if there is an exception to menstrual bleeding, you need to be a little careful. For example, if there is excessive bleeding during menstruation, you should be careful if you have menstruation in the middle of the month. Many people have seen menopause, but still bleeding. He also has to be careful.

Wheel or ingot

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If the wheels or ingots appear in any part of the body and it lasts more than two weeks, you should be careful if you have such symptoms in the breasts especially women. However, not all wheels or ingots are cancerous. Because of benign tumors, there may be many different types of wheels in the body at times; But if a malignant tumor or cancer is prone to spread to the body.

Cough cough

Some may have a cough or a broken voice. Many people are trying to relieve cough by applying herbal remedies; But if you have these symptoms for 7 consecutive days and do not change them, you should consult a doctor. Lung cancer, larynx, or voice box can cause cancer if cough or broken voice is chronic.

Difficulty in digestion

One has to be careful if difficulty swallowing and diarrhea can occur. This can happen if there is cancer in the tubes from the esophagus to the esophagus in the esophagus. Again, it is Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS. Constipation and thin closet should be careful though. Because it can also be caused by small bowel cancer. Colon cancer can be caused by changes in the urinary tract. If you have blood with urine and feel pain, feel pain in the waist and lower abdomen, excessive urine at night can cause prostate cancer. Be careful about these things.

Mole or mole

The body has a variety of moles or moles; But if you suddenly notice that there is a change in the sesame, such as a rapid increase in size, a change in color, a dullness, blood or rash coming out, you must be careful not to neglect the symptoms and go to the doctor. Will be These are symptoms of cancer.

Changes in weight

Weight loss can happen without any reason. However, if you think it is more than 4 years old, be careful. Cervical cancer can also happen. So be careful about this.