Facebook Ala-din Cherag Facebook Marketing Tips & Tricks

Let me first give a real example
Working from one of the IT firms, through Facebook marketing, the person has to send an advertisement to him. I started doing such things, I started sending friend request to anyone who found Jadu, Kadu, Abul, Kabul. The purpose is very simple and like water Make those friends and make them brainstorm with ads and I will show Sir who is Social Media Marketing. Everything was going well but I did not like Mark Zuckerberg’s success, he banned my Facebook account. And my mind was restored to recover the account 2
So what should I have done? How to actually move on to Facebook Marketing? Aladdin’s hiding here is just a matter of waking him up and then success in social media marketing is just about the time, but you must spend time on social media or your marketing monster will be left in the hands of others. This post has been locked Click one of the buttons below to read the entire post like tweet +1 us error
I heard about a member whose member goes to the bathroom but gives him a status So since members are the life of the group, it is better not to be in the Nispran member group And one more thing, he does not understand the meaning of requesting someone to bring him to Group A, so if he receives a request, he should only add it to Group A. 2 Post regularly Admin is the life force of the group so it has to be the most active Posting, posting, observing everything, laziness in them cannot be successful