New Love Tips…….

One has been feeling very good for several days. But you do not understand what to do. In fact you are very configured. If you love this … then! Here are some tips for some difficult times -Understand the language of the eyes —- You have been looking at him for several days, wondering if any signal has been exchanged through the eyes. If

If the answer is yes then I would say, now try to understand what those two eyes mean. The answer is negative or positive, with a head, a cold head with a digit Judge. Remember that number is going to be very important for your next few days or maybe even a lifetime. And so the eye language itself is just Don’t make the choice, and do the difficult task of turning the eye signal into a language, please friends will not help. This will increase the confusion. If you have not yet made any contact through the eye, I would say, do it now. Yes, no, some of these things must be a signal Will get Remember that the eye is the mirror of the mind. The eyes must reflect the mind. This time your picture of the mirror is exactly what you mean. 2) Know the good-looking and the bad-like of the person you want to know slowly. Favorite color, dear Movies, beloved heroes, heroines, favorite pets, hobbies like these thick spots also contain many messages. Remember, to love a person is to love his or her loved ones. This is what Krishna himself said. So see if you can love the person you love. Maybe you are one
“ Old ”, and your favorite person may believe in the theory of Late Night Party and Heavy Drinks .. Or maybe its just the opposite … Think about what you want to do next!
3) Don’t rush —- The most difficult thing to do in such a state of mind is to keep yourself calm. Think about your mind a few times before telling it to yourself Love is not being donated. It may take some time, but remember that it does not rush to get good things. This is mine How much coal is broken but a diamond is found. Workers say how much coal is wasted due to the rush to find out if there are diamonds Don’t go The process of bonding is just like extracting diamonds from coal. Hurrying can cost a lot of expensive things. 1) First Dating – This day is very important in a relationship. Keep yourself as normal as possible on this day. Separate yourself Don’t dress. Present yourself as you are. Tell your business, your friends really, really .. Remember we see a lot of times Buying things is fine, but if that thing is not good I just don’t use it. So do not wrap it up in front of your favorite man. It may not have been his best choice. But honesty and truth have a different value. In love, it is more true.
3) The truth is that Ray Lau is easily playing Ludo ever. If so, you know that we mean dias, when the gutta is thrown in the court, it is possible to get a sixth. The nutshell is a big scoop, they don’t mean calculation. The probability that you offer love is 3 percent. The probability of rejection is the same. If you accept this figure even if it is mounted on the chest, then it is good. Do not change yourself, do not force yourself on the day of the proposal without hearing it. Accept what Rabindranath Tagore had to say. Get the truth Ray … And of course if the answer is yes then don’t go up to heaven in the seventh. Remember that at that moment, the answer was yes. The real responsibility The man who believed you so much said yes, to return that faith. It’s a lot of hard work. 3) Keep the communication normal – After offering the answer, keep the communication as normal as possible. I know it is very easy to say, difficult to do. But do not do anything that will make you mad like Devadas or do not run away like a shakti Kapoor, just because he did not offer you. But yes, you may have to stay a few days away to forget him. And the answer to the love offer is yes, in fact, do not increase the number of phones, sms, and mail so enthusiastically that he is upset. Remember how hungry you are Plays more but becomes indigestible.